Monday, October 17, 2011

How to say it with flowers

Duchess Kate Middleton's custom wedding bouquet had symbolic significance to the Royal family, and was in keeping with tradition.

You may not be royalty, but that should not stop you from emulating the royal family. Go ahead and take the lead from the Victorians who used flowers to express their feelings. Here's a list of different flowers and what they can mean. I say 'can' mean because if you hunt around on the internet you can find a thousand different meanings for the exact same flower. However we continue to get many questions about the meanings of flowers so I blog about it from time to time.

A quick peek at some flowers:

- Carnation implies affection. It's meant to be given to one's lover or partner.

- Chamomile means patience and attracts wealth.

- Chrysanthemum means cheerfulness and says that you're a wonderful friend.

- Daffodil means respect.

- Daisy is associated with innocence and carefree beauty.

- Forget-me-not stands for true love and lasting memories.

- Geranium (scented) implies a degree of preference.

- The Hibiscus flower signifies delicate and elegant beauty.

- Honeysuckle is all about generous and devoted affection.

- Hyacinth is associated with games, sports and rashness. You would be surprised to know that this flower is dedicated to Apollo.

- Iris is a flower that signifies faith, hope, wisdom and valor.

- Jasmine is a flower about amiability and it attracts wealth.

- Lily is a flower that helps keep unwanted visitors away.

- Marigold is a flower that comforts the heart and gives solace.

- Orchid is a symbol of love, beauty and refinement. Ideal to gift to a beautiful lady, it is also the Chinese symbol for many children.

- Poinsettias symbolize a degree of good cheer and great success Also known as the Christmas Star, it is said that this winter flower's association with Christmas comes from a Mexican legend.

- Red roses symbolize love So try gifting a bunch of red roses before you say those three words. However, some girls happen to find them boring.

White roses imply beauty.

In a nutshell

- Do not gift red roses to a family member like your cousin Sally

- Daffodils are the perfect bouquet for your mother,

- A bunch of daisies are the perfect flowers for your sister.

- Scented geraniums are ideal for the girl you have a crush on

- Marigolds are the perfect condolence flowers. Gift them to someone who has recently suffered an accident, illness or tragedy

- Chrysanthemums are the perfect flowers for a female friend when there are no romantic feelings involved

- Chamomile, jasmine and poinsettia attract success and wealth

- Barring the traditional (and cliché) red roses, other flowers that communicate LOVE are carnations, honeysuckle, and orchids.

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