Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Order from a Real Flower Shop

I can’t tell you how many times I have become a millionaire or how many lost relatives I have found in other countries in the last several years. In reality I do not have relatives in other countries and I do not wish to funnel money from dead people or lost bank accounts to my own for a fee. The Internet is a good tool to use. Also, a tool used by crooks every day.I guess there are bad apples in every crowd or business and florists have some also.

When you think you are placing an order with a REAL florist, you may be placing your order with someone in the USA or even in another country.There are also florists out there telling you they are in a certain town and actually they are not, so they can just gather your order and transmit it to a real florist to do the work or they will ship it directly through their farms.

Let’s take Pro Flowers for instance. They make you believe what your order comes already pre arranged in the vase for you, but actually they are shipped to you in a box and you have to assemble them yourself. Imagine your ordering from them for a friend’s funeral and you find the arrangement in a box by your friend’s casket! Can you imagine how you would feel?

Many times when they say they are shipped directly through their farms, then the flowers are shipped by courier to the recipient. What will happen to that order if the recipient is not home? They will leave those box flowers by the door in minus 0 weather or really warm weather. How would these flowers look? Dead as a door nail.

That is why only a real florist can send and receive your order and take care of your order the right way. You may be one of the lucky ones who did receive flowers in a box that was all right, but why take the chance on a gift to celebrate a special occasion. Also often many of those people will charge you a service fee of $13.95 or more to take care of your order. They may charge you a special fee for early morning delivery or rush delivery but won’t give the full total (full dollar amount) to a real florist that will do the job.

Why would you want to trust that special arrangement to some guy sitting behind a computer terminal that doesn't know a gerbera from a gigabyte?

Here are a few tips to look for when you place an order online. Start your search at http://www.411/. Type Florist and the name of the town in the business section. Look for a florist name that has a full address for that town. There is a chance that is a real florist. But wait, double-check your information, take the name of that florist and Google it and see if they have a web site. Look under “About us” and see if they advertise a real address. We have tons of information about ouf staff on there. If they do not, they are not a real florist. Also if you where to call the numbers and they answer “Flower Shop” with no true name of said shop (red flag) this is a good indication of an order gatherer rather than a local ‘Real Florist’. They also have multiple web sites to fool you. I can talk about this subject for hours and hours, but it comes down to this, only a real florist will take care of your order.

Thank you for thinking before you buy

Monday, June 15, 2009

Flower Delivery and Same Day FLower Delivery

Carey’s Flowers takes to the blog when we realize we are hearing the same question many times over. We hit ourselves in the collective head and say “Great Blooming Flowers Batman out customers don’t know this information!!!”

Customer Question: What towns do you deliver to, and how much time do I need to give you in advance?

Towns we deliver to:

South Hadley
West Springfield
Agawam / Feeding Hills
East Longmeadow

How much time do we need? Good question!
When order a designers choice it can often go out sooner as we do not have to go into storage to get a specific container, special order flowers, etc.

When want something very specific we need as much advance notice as you can give us. Although Carey’s Flowers is a full service florist we do not have a magic button that we push to get any flower, in any color of the rainbow instantly. I know now you are all shocked.

When you order something ‘in season’ like a New England spring bouquet in springtime. We can get it out the door the same day for all of the towns listed above if your order is placed by 9:30 am on that same day. So an order placed at 9:00 am Tuesday to go to Chicopee will go to Chicopee on that same day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come on in!

Summit House 22nd Summer
2009 Sunset Concert Series
Sponsored by the Friends of the Mount Holyoke Range
A non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, preservation and promotion of the Skinner and Mount Holyoke Range State Parks.
Thursday evenings in July at 7:30 pm

July 9th Girl Howdy
Classic honky-tonk era spanning the late1940’s to the early 1960’s

July 16th John Sheldon
If you like James Taylor, give John Sheldon a try

July 23rd Pioneer Valley Fiddlers
Providing a variety of foot stomping music including Irish, Scottish, Canadian, and traditions

July 30th Horse Mountain Jazz Band
Enjoy this old time jazz band

Tickets are $5.00 each; all the money goes directly to the Friends of the Mount Holyoke Range

Here at Carey’s Flowers – 300 Newton St. South Hadley MA – Right across the street from South Hadley High School.

Tickets can be purchased on the night of each event after 6:00 pm

Monday, June 8, 2009

From my friend Clay down at McAdams Floral in Victoria TX comes this sad story of another Proflowers funeral tribute gone wrong.Clay said…”When I was making my usual Sunday funeral home deliveries, I happen to see this opened box in an office area. I thought it was for the service I was delivering for on Sunday, but it turns out it was delivered at 10:30 Friday for a 10am service. The customer was calling the funeral home on Friday morning to ask if they got it….she said it should have been delivered on Thursday for the viewing. I can only guess that she ordered it sometime Wednesday, and she was told it was to be delivered next day. Anyway, the funeral home told the family about it later on Friday and they said that they would come by and pick it up…Sunday and it is still there.”

When will people learn? This poor lady from West Bend WI, paid over $200.00 including shipping and her tribute did not even make it in time for the services. She would have gotten a much better presentation, not to mention better service from a local florist. Proflowers relies on Fed/Ex and UPS for delivery of their products in most cases. Sadly these companies do not understand nor care about the timing issues faced by local florists every day.By the way, the fine print on this item, says “Easel not included”… most funeral homes do NOT have extra easels, and in this case the funeral home did not, even if the items had made it in time for the service. It remains a mystery how the funeral home would have displayed this if it had gotten there in time.

Oh, and if any flowers fall out during shipping, “Just insert them where they make the most sense”… Instruction given to recipient.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck

The month of June is National Rose Month.

The Rose is also the birth month flower for June

The rose is the national flower of the U.S.A. and England.
On September 23, 1986, the House of Representatives passed a joint resolution naming the rose as "the national floral emblem“ of the United States. The Senate had passed the resolution in 1985.The measure then went to President Ronald Reagan who signed the resolution into law on October 7,1986 in a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. The rose with all its beauty symbolizes life, love and devotion. Any quality flower shop as many varieties and colors of lovely roses every month of the year. A gift of beautiful roses will long be remembered.


June's birth flower is "ROSE". June must be the month of love, as it has been paired with the flower of passion, the rose. Roses have many significant meanings depending on their color. Often for the recipient of the rose bouquet the number of flowers in the bouquet also brings meaning (number of years married). June birthdays are also known for their passion, making June and the rose a perfect match.

Long a symbol of love and passion, the rose is rich with history and meaning. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, presented a rose to Eros, and Cleopatra lured Mark Antony with a room knee-deep in rose petals. The rose offers a singular message this June birth flower signifies beauty and perfection.
'A rose is a rose is a rose"-Gertrude Stein

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."-Emma Goldman

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."-William Shakespeare

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