Saturday, October 15, 2011

A helpful little plant

The French Marigold flower is one of the more amazing ‘beneficial’ garden companions that will help a number of your garden plants to thrive with it’s potent pesticide-producing root system while also offering a rather strong aroma to confuse other pests.

I believe there may be some confusion out there (I know I was initially confused) about which Marigold to purchase or to grow from seed, in order to be the ‘right’ one to classify as a ‘French Marigold’ so as to be the most effective in the garden for it’s beneficial companion properties to certain plants. First don't look for the words ‘French Marigold’ to be included on the tag along with the name. Once you let that go you will be surprised to discover that there are allot of varieties that are French Marigold’s!

There are two basic types of Marigold’s, American and French, that make up most of the huge variety that is available out there. The French Marigold varieties are bushier, generally do not grow as tall and do not have really full flowered heads like the American varieties, but they do offer the most potent affect on repelling and eliminating underground nematodes while also confusing and repelling white flies and other insects with their strong odor.

Plant Marigolds everywhere in your garden. They will flower throughout the Summer and Fall, and maybe later if it doesn’t get too cold. They are particularly helpful to tomatoes, squash, broccoli, potatoes, and peppers. Apparently you should not plant Marigold’s along with beans. Unfortunately the Marigold is an annual, requiring re-seeding each year, although the affect of their root system is said to last for a few years afterward.

List of French Marigold varieties

Aurora Series

Bonanza Series


Boy O Boy Series

Brocade Mixed


Disco Series

Durango Series

Dwarf Bonanza Blend

French Brocade

Golden Gate Series

Golden Guardian

Ground Control

Gypsy Sunshine



Hero Series


Jacket Orange, Yellow

Janie Series

Jolly Jester

La Bamba

Lemon Drop

Little Hero Series



Mr. Majestic

Naughty Marietta


Pesche’s Gold

Petite Series

Queen Sophia

Red Marietta

Safari Series

Scarlet Sophie


Spanish Brocade

Sparky Mix

Striped Marvel

Spice Series


Yellow Boy

Happy Marigold-ing!

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