Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is buying in the grocery store really cheaper?

Do you ever wonder why you seem to be able to buy flowers cheaper in the grocery store?

This is because the super stores employ certain marketing tactics that a good honest florist never would.

Marketing tactic:
"Shrink Rays" is a tactic used by many retailers, grocery stores in particular, which allow them to offset the impact of inflation during a sagging economy.

For example: rather than raising the price, a manufacturer will put less chips in the same Chip bag and keep the price the same. The consumer will have no idea that there is less because the packaging remains the same.

These "Shrink Rays" are currently strong in force right now.

Keeping “Shrink Rays” in mind - when you go out to purchase let’s say a bunch of tulips. There are two types of bunches. The supermarkets will carry bunches of flowers called consumer bunches. In these bunches you will find 7 stems of flowers and you will pay ‘X’ amount of dollars for this bunch of flowers and feel as though you saved money. However if you buy your tulips from a florist you will get a florist bunch, which will always contain 10 stems of flowers. The choice as always is yours, the question that remains did you really save money?
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